Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer poppies

We haven't had much sun here so I'm compensating by taking photographs of the brilliant yellow and orange California Poppies that grow so well in this area.  Most of them are that rich golden orange that lifts your heart.

But in my opinion they're best of all when there are a few other colours mixed in--cream, soft yellow and even pink and bronze.

And I also love the two-tone ones. These photos are from a mixed clump just down the hill from us.  I'm going to try to gather some seeds from these over the summer and plant them in front of my house.  Then I can see summer out my window even when it's cloudy.


  1. BE-U-TI-FUL Joanna! You've captured poppies in their glory. -Allison

  2. ooooooo...thanks for the wonderful eye candy. I'm partial to the unfurled poppies. Such promise in them!

  3. Gorgeous...I love that pink one. It's good to have those sparks of gold on the not so sunny days we've been having.

  4. What wonderful photos.
    I too love the pink one.

    I miss living in Southern California when everywhere you see carpets of Poppies.

    This year we had a bumper crop of wildflowers in Tucson. Everything that could bloomed and I think a few stones too !
    What a great idea about the seeds and your front yard. I would love seeing the pink ones in front of my home. We only have the orange ones here.

    cheers, parsnip


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