Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Solstice snow

Here we are at the summer solstice and there's fresh snow on the mountains!  These are the mountains on the Olympic Peninsula across the Strait of Juan de Fuca seen from a neighbourhood in Victoria taken on the morning of June 21st.

And we hear that they have actually opened our Vancouver Island ski area for the Fathers' Day weekend.  It's been so cold that there's been very little snow melt and new snow to boot.  What kind of spring is this?  Cold!  That's what.  We still have our heat on here from time to time.

Meanwhile I'm reading about hot weather on blogs from all over the south and the east of both Canada and the USA.  Perhaps it will come to Vancouver Island soon.  In fact, the sun came out last night as we walked the dogs past our neighbour's garden.

And today it's a sunny day with the promise of a little warmth.  Plus--the hummingbirds have returned to the pedestrian feeder.  All's well with the world.  I'm off to a water colour workshop with my sister.  I'll tell you about it soon.


  1. I love the poppies.

    You have snow? Seriously? That's just wrong.

  2. Snow on the mountains in June! Yep it has been cold!

  3. Yeah, I'm still looking at a little bit of snow on the mountain I can see from the window as I type. But today is warm and the sun is peeking through. think I'll be grateful.

    I'm glad the hummers didn't decide to boycott your yard. Interesting that they have persnickety tastes, isn't it?

  4. Last week I was in Yosemite National Park in California, and higher than 6000 feet snow is still melting, and too cold for me to paint!

    Yes, I love the poppie -like to paint some in the future. Have only seen the orange poppies here, but like the red better.

    magnificent view of the snowy mountains though!

  5. You had snow ... we had 103 temperature.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. joanna i had no idea! my brother phoned a few weeks back to say he was skiing whistler. but i didn't know there was fresh snow available. steven


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