Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunset on Arbutus

We had some sun on the weekend and it lasted into the evening (for a change).  This is what it looked like on the huge Arbutus tree in our front yard.

It's hard for a photo to give you an idea of just how big this tree is.  It towers over our house and I think it is well over 100 feet tall.  Doesn't it look beautiful glowing in the sunset?

We always make sure to notice its beauty--to counteract the enormous task of cleaning up its leaves, bark, flowers, and berries that litter our yard all year long. 


  1. Beautiful glow from those trees. It was nice to see the stands of arbutus up the coast this weekend. A little harder to find on this side of the water.

  2. Beautiful ...
    You photo reminds me of several paintings by Gustav Klimt my favorite landscape artist.
    I don't know trees species very well but that is a wonderful group (stand ?) of trees in your yard.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. i love the mid-evening glow on trees. buildings, flowers. these are gorgeous ancient worldly wise tress. i know how i have to remember the beauty of the maples around me when they fill our pool with their pollen. it's very worth it though. steven

  4. Stephanie,
    Yes, there are lots more here on Vancouver Island. They remind me of summers in my youth.

    Hi Steven,
    Worldly wise--I like that thought. It makes me wonder just how old this giant is. Tress are so alive.

    Hi Parsnip,
    I know Klimt's work. Just beautiful. Can you believe that this is one tree?


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