Sunday, June 13, 2010

An interesting evening

Jane and I are still recovering from our Friday night Dialogue with Spirit Guides event.  It was well attended and well received, although we had some difficulties with the sound equipment.  We thought because we were holding it at a theatre with professional sound equipment and lighting and sound technicians that all would be good.  However it seems that the sensitive equipment was adversely affected by the energy of the spirit guides speaking through Jane.  The sound checked out fine but once she began to channel, the microphone started to act up and produced pops and knocks that were extremely distracting.  We ended up changing it all around half way through the evening, which was quite disruptive to all involved.  In spite of that it was successful and many people received loving and insightful responses to their questions.

The top photo is of Jane and me doing our introductions at the beginning.  This one is of me talking to one of the guides brought through by Jane.  
The backdrop for this was a slowly shifting scene of leaves and trees.  It looks quite dramatic doesn’t it?
Now our work is done on this and it’s up to the filmmaker, Krista, to pull it together.  For Jane and me it’s nice to think about getting back to our regular life.   I don’t think I could ever be a full-time performer.  From this small taste of it, I know that it’s just too exhausting. 

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  1. The shadow leaves look so big in the dark blue - they seem to dwarf the set. Yet that makes the 'interior' scene warmer and more intimate. An interesting technique.
    Glad it was such a success...


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