Monday, October 7, 2013

Chateau de Biron

This area is dotted with chateaux so we had to see at least one of these grand estates and Chateau de Biron is the one we choose. The building was began in the 11th century by the Gontot-Biron family and the property has (remarkably) been occupied by family until the 20th century. In those many years the chateau has undergone many architectural additions making it an architectural primer from the 12th century through the gothic and renaissance styles to an 18th century loggia.

We enjoyed wandering around the propert, much of which was open to explore. The Renaissance church is gorgeous and contains tombs of two bishops, both which were hacked at during the revolution. 

There's an actual dungeon beneath the grand apartments for the Lord and his guests. These rooms are huge with fireplaces and fancy floors. 

I could easily imagine a grand dinner or a ball or a salon here.

But what interested me most were the toilet holes opening up to the ground at least 60 feet below...

And the huge kitchen with benches for stockpots and a grand cooking fireplace for roasting meat.

 Speaking of cooking, we continue to enjoy local cuisine. Last night we had roast duck with apricots and mushrooms, and today we sampled a delicious cassoulet.  


  1. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. I love the fairy tale roofs !

    cheers, parsnip


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