Thursday, October 17, 2013

Morning at the market, afternoon in Arles

Wednesday is market day in Uzes and we got down to the Place aux Herbes about 9:00 to find everything in full swing. The focus is on produce, food and beverage, and what a variety!

At the market you can try before you buy. Everyone is very friendly. We bought some olives with ginger from this young guy. They sound odd but they taste wonderful.

Here's a couple other shots. They even wheel in trucks that open up to become butcher shops. We managed to find ourselves some dinner ingredients very quickly.

The afternoon was dedicated to Arles and walking in Vincent's footsteps, that would be Vincent Van Gough, who lived in Arles for the last and most productive part of his life.

But our plans were foiled by our rental car, which developed a clunking sound. So after a nice lunch and a quick walk around, we tracked down the Europe Car office. They quickly gave us a replacement car but it took most of the afternoon.

Here are a couple Arles photos.

This one is the sanitorium where Vincent was hoitalized and painted in the courtyard.


  1. Country markets are always friendly places with amazingly fresh produce.

  2. How exciting to just walk to the farmers market and buy what you need fresh for the next few days.
    And to live in such a lovely place.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. You would love this market Parsnip. Everything was so very fresh.

  3. Not unlike our local market, from what you're describing.

    Beautiful shots!

    1. Lucky you to have a local market like that. Is it a weekly one?


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