Saturday, October 5, 2013

We loved Bordeaux

We took the TGV (fast) train from Paris to Bordeaux and arrived yesterday afternoon in this charming city. Like Paris, it is set on a river but this city is so much more open and approachable.  It has a beautiful central core that it is so pedestrian friendly. We stayed in the traffic-free zone and had a great time walking around and seeing some of the beautiful buildings and public art.

This building was just outside our hotel, and the stanchion at the front eith the yellow band on top can be hydrolocally lowered with a code on the pillar with red light. Thia allows access to taxis, delivery vehicles and others that belong there. But the wide streets are essentially for people walking. 

There's also a tram line that runs through the area taking people right to their destination. we met a young man last night who was singing the praises of the  mayor who undertook the work to close the streets to traffic. He said it's made a huge difference to the liveability of Bordeaux.
It's a fabulous idea. I wish Victoria would adopt this for their downtown.

The other thing about Bordeaux, in addition to its wine fame and art galleries is that it's less than half the cost of Paris. And there are strrets full of Renaissance architecture, churches, plazas, fabulous shops and restaurants. 

If I come back to France I think it will be Bordeaux I come to visit. It's a fabulous place.


  1. I must now look up on the map to see where you are. Beautiful !
    I would think you go to Paris for a few day, like you did, for the Eiffle Tower, the Louvre, then walk the Rose Line and then go to another place.
    I have always wanted to visit Mont St. Michel . le sigh

    cheers, parsnip


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