Friday, October 25, 2013

Maggie's hanging in there

We are back in Victoria -- in the fog.  What a contrast from the bright sunny skies of Barcelona where the temperature, I kid you not, is around 27 Centigrade, or well into the 80s.  Our trip home was seamless except for the fog in Victoria that had us a bit worried about our flight in the little plane from Vancouver. But all was well.

Dear Maggie is hanging in there, able to eat and drink and do her bodily functions.  She can't walk well but is alert quite a bit of the time.  We are thinking that it may be days or perhaps a week or two, but not much more.

It's such a dilemma with our pets who cannot really communicate with us in words. We have to read their signals and keep in touch with their hearts and souls to know what is best.  I don't want Maggie to suffer needlessly, but I don't want to make a decision to end her life before she's ready to go.  How does one make this difficult decision.

Today Maggie wanted to come in the car with me when I went grocery shopping and when I took Geordie outside to play she wanted to come too.  She can't stand very well, she keeps falling over, but with the harness that the vet has fitted out for her she can sort of manage.

Our friend and house sitter Peggy was such a wonderful caregiver for her. I am so grateful for her love and compassion.  And thanks to Maggie for hanging in there until we got home.

Maybe when the fogs lifts my way will be clearer in this tough, tough decision.


  1. It is a difficult situation to find yourself in, but at least you're home now with her.

  2. So sorry to hear about your beloved Maggie...I am so glad she waited for you to come home. Cathy

  3. I am so happy you made it home and Maggie was still there waiting for you. Just like always.
    I so understand your dilemma I had that with my Kirby and one evening she died in her sleep so that choice was taken out of my hands. But I still miss her everyday.
    Maggie looks as lovely as ever.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Our hearts are with Maggie at this difficult transition time. She knows and we know you will do the right thing at the right time.
    We loved following your trip and the photos you took, of course till you found out about Maggie. Then we got worried. Glad you made it home to be with her.

    1. Hey Ches and Allison, Nice to hear from you and thanks for your thoughts. How are you two doing?


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