Saturday, October 19, 2013

Heading south into Spain

This morning we left our little Uzes tower and got the train in Nimes heading south to Spain. This is a second class train but it"s pretty nice, with comfortable reclining seats and some facing each other across a table, kind of like a breakfast nook. They even have outlets where you can plug in your electronic equpment.

We are riding along the edge of the mediterranean now under gloomy skies. The landscape is flatter here and houses are of bricks or stucco with tile roofs. 

Yesterday we did a dry run to Nimes to figure out where to return the car and we took in an exhibit at the gallery of contemporary art. We were surprised to find that a Vancouver-based photographer and filmmaker, Stan Douglas, was featured. He does amazing large photos that are kind of a super-realism.  One series done in 2010 was large black and white photos of people dressed in clothes from the 1950s recreating personal scenes. He has also recreated scenes of riots. Fascinating work.

From the gallery cafe there were lovely views over the centre of Nimes. it's lovrly with a bit of a Riviera feel with its wrought iron balconies. The crocodile is apparently a symbol of the city.Also, right in the centre is the best preserved Roman temple in the world. 

This afternoon we cross the border and change trains at Portbou in Spain for Barcelona. The adventure continues.


  1. I have never been to Barcelona but I have several friends that visit all the time.
    They love it.

    cheers, parsnip


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