Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday in Uzes

We drove over 500 km yesterday to get from Monpazier to Uzes, just to the west of Provence.  This small city is a gem. Pronounced ee-oo-ZEHS, it has been important to France since the 5th century when it was home of bishops and a duke to the french court. Happily it declined in the 1700s until the 20th century, which allowed it to keep its centre intact. The pedestrian-only area in the centre, where we are staying, was declared protected in the 1960s. It's home to one of the best weekly markets in France, and a destination for French tourists (as well as others). 

You can see why---

It's also got lots and lots of cafes, restaurants and chic stores.

Today is Sunday and we're taking a break from driving to walk around the town, along with everyone  else, French families, older couples, British tourists, etc.

In the central Place des Herbes, there was an autumn celebration where many kinds of food and drink were available to taste. 

I had a delicious little cup of pot-de-chocolate flavoured with thyme. And we bought some lovely fresh apples from these vendors.

Then I explored the medieval garden created within one of the ruined ducal palaces. Beautiful.

The high point was the view from the top of the tower, 100 steep circular stone steps.  

Here's what it looked like from the top. I think we will be able to find lots to do here for our last week in France.


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