Monday, October 14, 2013

Orange's Roman theatre and our tiny apartment

We took a short drive through the countryside today to reach the city of Orange. The landscape has a different feeling than in the Perigord; it's dryer and warmer feeling.

The trip to Orange was to see the most intact Roman theatre in the world. This one still retains its acoustic wall, the only one in Europe like it. Seeing this massive wall behind the stage gives a whole different feeling to the theatre. The wall is several storeys high and served as fortifications in the middle ages. In fact the entire theatre area was occupied by houses at that time. Now it's restored to a point that performances have been held here since the late 1800s.

Aside from the theatre there wasn't much to see in Orange, except for a couple of pretty fountains.  

Like the landscape here, the buildings have a different feeling. They are deeper colours and feel sun-drenched, even though there were clouds today.

We returned early to Uzes because Harry wasn't feeling very well. After a rest we went to a Brasserie to grab a bite of dinner. We each ordered a glass of wine and then tried to order a pizza to share. Turns out that's not possible here. If you don't each put in an order for food they don't want your business. We had no problem sharing food in other parts of the country but here in Uzes this is the second time we've been refused sharing a plate. Tonight we just didn't feel up to ordering a lot of food so we headed home to cook up a little pasta and pesto in our tiny kitchen.

I haven't showed you our four-storey 300 square foot apartment yet. Each tiny room is on its own level with ladder-like stairs connecting them.  The entry is a utility room with a washing machine and couple of counters. This is the living room on the second level, very pleasant with actual shutters that close behind the two windows.

Above the living room on the third level is the bedroom, big enough for a double bed and a tiny WC and shower behind a sliding door.

At the very top is a little kitchen with a table for two and a sliding window that opens to a standing only balcony ar rooftop level. The big basket is sitting on the wall at the top of the ladder going down.

It's actually quite comfortable, but it makes for a lot of exercise going from room to room.


  1. I can see that involving a lot of exercise, but it's still beautiful use of space.

    And that theatre is astonishing!

  2. A big NO for me... I could never get up any of the ladders.
    Did you know about this when you rented it ? I love the idea of washer in the entry way !
    BUT it looks wonderful ! Please take a photo of the roofs.
    I can't believe you can't share a dinner ? I always share or take food home for the next day.
    So weird.
    Hope Harry is feeling better.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi parsnip,
      Yes we were warned about the stairs but it was stiill steeper than we expected. Roof photos to come.


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