Monday, September 7, 2009

Changing seasons

We've had a huge shift in the weather in the past few days. Our golden summer has blown away and the gray rainclouds have moved in. Yesterday I woke to the sound of steady rain and although the gardens need it, I'm not quite ready. I still want to wear my flip flops and do some weeding in the garden. Yes, there's the allure of new activities, turning leaves and cozy dinners with friends. But it takes time to make that shift and I'm lagging behind the weather.

I know I'm not the only one who feels melancholy at summer's end. Yet it's combined with excitement about new undertakings as well. These seasonal changes are complicated times and I believe they take a toll on us both physically and emotionally. So the thing to do is to create some space, to nurture myself and those around me, to go easy and allow the feelings to arise, recognizing that this is a time of change.

Today we'll have an easy day. We'll take the dogs down to the beach for a long walk, pick some plums from the tree, lay a fire in the fireplace and prepare a roast chicken for our dinner guests. Tomorrow maybe I'll feel ready to start the fall rush.

Blessings of the changing seasons to you.


  1. It's a good thing to have this holiday weekend - even when you're retired. September is a transitional time even though we haven't got to the exact date on the calendar. Remember when we had to put away our white shoes on Labor Day?
    I get very sleepy when the cooler weather strikes so it's nice to have some days to do inside things. The sunny days will come back but they'll be different - and so will we.

  2. hi joanna, another lovely and timely post as change fills the air in every way and with it goes the inevitable ramping up of some energies and the ramping down of others. me? well i;m managing the transition by gardening, i have a lovely container of haagen dazs sticky toffee pudding ice cream and a small spoon, and reading the time traveller's wife. tomorrow my work begins in earnest!!!! thanks especially for this: "create some space, to nurture myself and those around me, to go easy and allow the feelings to arise, recognizing that this is a time of change." have a peaceful evening out there! steven

  3. Steven, thanks for your comment. I can just picture you with that delicious sounding ice cream and a small spoon (best with a small spoon) reading the Time Traveller's Wife. I loved that book.

    I hope that your new school year begins well tomorrow. I think you must be a wonderful teacher. I know from experience how much energy it takes, so enjoy this last bit of open time.

  4. You're right Stephanie, sunny days will be back but we'll be different. I like that thought. Always moving forward.

  5. i tend to like the change in seasons here in ohio as i have a few fave things to do with each one. i do feel a bit melancholy in the fall knowing that cold and winter ice are coming. i try to savor each fall day, smell, sight and feeling that much more since i know they will be fleeting. i keep long for the day when things will slow down and we will spend less time rushing to and fro but with grandchildren and aging parents in two different states we continue to travel back and forth. all in all it is a wonderful blessing to have them all still with us.

    your roast chicken sounds wonderful!!


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