Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From the mountians to the prairies

Yesterday we descended over 4,000 feet along the Shoshone River through some stunning rock formations to the rolling Wyoming grasslands.  It was a beautiful drive and we stopped for a picnic at the most beautiful spot in Wapiti.  Not another soul was there and the dogs had a wonderful time playing in the river. This morning it's our turn to play in the Thermopolis hot springs.  Then we'll head off across the rolling grasslands into Nebraska. 


  1. What a stunning photo! The land just goes on and on.
    I think Mohita may be happier to have descended to the plains.

  2. Wow! I agree. That photo is just beautiful.

  3. joanna - are you pinching yourelf every so often?!!! i looked at the dogs playing in the river and there it was - a dream - i mean what would you wish for your dogs but to playing in a gorgeous river under a blue blue sky in the middle of everywhere?!!! the view into the hills is absolutely heartstopping!!! i want to see that for myself. wow girl lucky you!!! steven

  4. Stephanie, you're right, she's just purring along.

    Rudee, this landscape is so different from what we're used to--and very beautiful.

    Steven, thanks for reminding me just how lucky I am to be seeing this beauty with those that I love. The dogs just adored playing in that river.


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