Monday, September 14, 2009

Going where?

We're planning to take a little trip this month in our funky old 1978 motorhome. Yes, the same one we took to Mexico two years ago--but this time we're going to Nebraska. If you're like just about everyone we talk to about this trip, your response will be either: You're going where? or Why would you go to Nebraska?

It may seem odd since we have no friends or relatives there but we do have a reason. It's flyball. This year the UFLI flyball North American championships are being held in Kearny Nebraska and a couple of other flyball nuts on our team thought it might be fun to go and join in. When we first agreed to go we didn't actually realize just how far it is to get there. It's over 1700 miles from Vancouver. At our preferred traveling distance of 300 miles it will take us around six days driving. We're hoping to stop at Yellowstone Park and see the sights for a couple of days as well, so let's say 10 days in all. We leave on Wednesday and plan to arrive on Friday the 25th to be ready to run Maggie in the tournament on Saturday. That is if we don't have any breakdowns.

I plan to bring my laptop and find some wireless internet now and then so I can keep you posted on our progress. Today and tomorrow we're readying the motorhome and packing for the trip. I think it will be a lot of fun driving through the midwest during harvest season. I'll take some photos along the way.

The photo above shows the motorhome, fondly called Mohita, sitting in our driveway. She's up for this trip and so are the dogs.


  1. Nice to see Mohita back in action. It should be an interesting trip to get to Nebraska. I'm looking forward to your travel posts.

  2. joanna - you know what? i've always wanted to ride in one of those puppies. right over top - in the cab. i've always wanted to go across the continent in one. have a sweet trip and i hope you write when you want and just do what you want when you want. steven


I really appreciate your comments.