Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Going in all directions

We’ve had a few days of intense transition with people, dogs and household goods going in all directions. On Thursday Jamie headed off to UBC with a couple of friends in a rented van. He’s helping them move in exchange for a bed for a few nights. His classes start before he can move into his place so he had to leave his stuff packed in boxes in our garage for a few days.

On Friday my friend Rick picked up Maggie (the border collie) to take her to a flyball tournament in Abbotsford.Maggie headed off happily to play her favorite game all weekend long. They got home late Sunday night big smiles and with a first place ribbon.

The reason Harry and I didn’t go to the tournament was that we were getting Jamie’s space ready for the student renters who are moving in for the school year. As well as the usual spiffing up, Harry was insulating the crawl space and I was painting the bathroom. Then at the last minute we decided to install a new cork floor in the bathroom. All this work took place from Thursday night to Monday afternoon. We were putting in 12 and 13-hour work days and managed to finish just as the new tenants arrived.

So it was with relief and joy that we headed off last night to my sister’s house for dinner. Jan had made a wonderful blackberry pie and Sue cooked paella, the fabulous Spanish dish that we all loved in the ‘70s but had forgotten about. I can’t think why we haven’t been eating it all these years; it’s so delicious. That dinner with dear friends and family was lovely ending to our all-directions weekend.

Well, not quite the end. This afternoon Harry will load up our minivan with Jamie’s things (now piled in the garage) and take them by ferry over to Vancouver to Jamie's new apartment. It's been a busy few days.


  1. wow joanna - doesn't it just leave you spinning to think that all that took place in those few days!!! think about the days where "nothing" happened!!!! so cool for maggie to win!!! i love border collies and if we lived in the country it would be the dog i would choose. have a lovely day! steven

  2. Hope you now have a chance to sit down with a cup of tea, breathe and be amazed by what you've acccomplished int he last few days.

  3. Congratulations to Maggie! I love blue ribbons...

    The rest of your post made me long for a nap. You're way too busy!

  4. That does sound like a busy and fun time. Moving is a big adventure! Ummm you inspire me to make my first paella.

  5. Zip,zap,zip...all sorts of comings and goings...
    time to relax is nice.


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