Sunday, August 30, 2009

Heather's flowers

For Today's Flowers enjoyment I'm posting photos from my friend Heather's garden. Heather is an artist is many ways and the garden is one of her best canvasses. She has transformed her front yard into a feast of flowers, complete with gravel paths winding through and flowers tumbling one over another, vying for attention.

It's just a regular city lot but I got lost in it wandering around with my camera. From sky views...

to the tiny bloom hidden in foliage.

I've tried to pick images that show the flowers jumbled together in profusion.

This is my favorite kind of garden, where plants and flowers spread and combine as they do in nature. Heather is a master of creating this experience. She can even do it with bouquets in her home.

You can see flowers from around the world each Sunday here.


  1. I like your friend Heather! Such beauty she grows. The shot of the orange zinnia against the blue painted wall with blue can is my favorite.

  2. Wow!, a lot of variety.
    beautiful flowers.

  3. Heather's garden is wonderful. I think, though, that it takes someone with an artist's eye to bring it to life in photos. Thanks for the beauty on a Sunday morning.

  4. wow! gorgeous series of flowers, I love those purple colors, very beautiful...

  5. A person who gardens in a big way in her front yard is my kind of person!

  6. what a beautiful series of flowers. love its colors in your garden.

    my entry

  7. Your frind is a true gardener. Lovely colour combinatins.

  8. What a beautiful post! It's interesting that when you pay attention to each flower, instead of concentrating only on the whole crowd, a garden is so wonderful to be lost in.


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