Friday, August 28, 2009

Spider web

The morning sun created just the right light to photograph this spider in the process of making her web outside of Jamie's window. We'd never seen this in action before and it was fascinating. The little spider crawled slowly around in a circle, stopping at each cross thread to do something with her two back legs. It was a very deliberate transferring movement that seemed to anchor one thread to another. I'm truly amazed at this process as I had no idea that web making took such a long time. Somehow in my mind I pictured the spider whizzing around in circles. This will make me think carefully before I sweep away any spider webs in my path.

I have one question though: Why is it that we see so many spider webs in the later summer and early fall? Don't spiders build webs all year?


  1. I can't answer your question, unless they're busy trying to fatten up before winter. I'm less kindhearted about the webs. If they're not in my way, I leave them be, but if I didn't sweep them away from my living areas on my porch, I'd be walking into them all of the time.

    I read an article in my Spin Off magazine about using spider silk for spinning. They're trying to figure out how to mass produce it for its fine qualities-much like silk from the silkworm.

  2. I wonder if we just notice them more in the fall. Dew and all that. You're right that sure seem to be more. Maybe it's all those babies going out into the world and making their own livings.
    I love your photos.

  3. hi joanna, that's a beautiful web for sure!! i've notcied and tried to figure out why the spiders build beautiful big webs at our front door as soon as the evenings start gettin cooler - like now!!! i love their webs but what do they do the rest of the year? hmmmm. have a lovely evening. steven

  4. Just beautiful, lovely pictures!!
    My husband and I have visited Vancouver Island quite often.
    Hope we can return soon.

  5. You know...I came back to tell you I'm feeling inspired by that web.


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