Tuesday, August 11, 2009

D is for Douglas Fir and deep woods

Just down the road from us is very large park featuring deep woods around two lakes. There are miles of walking trails through the woods where we can go with our dogs. The forested area consists mainly of Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar, tall coniferous trees native to this area.

My dogs love to ramble through the woodland trails here, sniffing and exploring. We're lucky that they can go off-leash; it makes it so much more natural feeling to be there with them.

Having lived in this area my entire life I don't really pay much attention to these trees, but today I took a walk with Maggie and spent an hour taking some photos of the fir and the cedar. They really are very beautiful. The fir is the one with the very rough bark; the cedar is smoother. Both are very tall and block out the sun so not much else grows.

Even though this park is right by the main highway into Victoria, once we get into the woods the noise disappears and it feels like we are in pristine forest.

It is a really special place.

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  1. Oh, what a magical place this seems to be. Teeming with energy.

  2. I love how the camera shows us things we have always 'seen' in a new way. Beautiful photos...

  3. Lovely D post. My son had a border collie and we used to walk with him in the forest close to where they live. It was always lovely and peaceful. A

  4. What a lovely and quiet place!

  5. Beautiful flowers my friend. Thanks for sharing them.



  6. Those pine forests are always so peaceful, too, aren't they?

  7. Beautiful trees and lovely shadows.

  8. Really do love the mood of these shots.

  9. What a delightful area! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be 'away'? I love it - the trees are beautiful!

  10. I love the deep woods...
    Lovely, lovly post.


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