Thursday, August 13, 2009

What do I really read?

You know the expression "her eyes are bigger than her stomach"? Well that applies to me when it comes to books. I have so many piles of books I want to read but only a limited time to peruse them.

I end up with these stacks of books because of a probably very bad habit. When I go into a book store or when I wander through blogs that mention books, I make notes of titles that interest me. Then I log onto my library account and put a hold on them. Sometimes the books come in all at once and I'm faced with some tough choices. Should I continue reading the book I'm into now or put it aside and start a new one? Sometimes I do both. At times I have several books going on at once. For example right now I'm reading these four books:

And I'm enjoying each one of them. They're very different. Olive Kitteridge is an excellent novel I'm reading for my book club. Candy Freak is a very funny book about chocolate, On Being Certain is a fascinating look at how our feelings of certainty develop, and Breaking Point is a study of women's transformational crises.

And just yesterday I picked up from another book from the library, The Whistling Season, a novel by Ivan Doig, recommended by a blog friend, Julie King. I know I won't be able to read them all in the two week time period the library allows. At least not if I want to accomplish the other demands of my life. Plus I don't allow myself to read during the day--only first thing in the morning and in the evening.

So what do I really read this week? It depends on my mood. Sometimes just a magazine or the newspaper! Tonight I might finish the easy, funny one, "Candy Freak"...but then again I might just start the Whistling Season to see what that world is like....

Uh, I think I have a slight problem here... with distractability. And I just saw an email from the library that two more books are ready to be picked up. Oh my!


  1. What happens when you find a book you can't put down?
    So many little time. And people just keep writing those great books!

  2. hi joanna, i have a similar affliction. i hear about books, i read about books and i go straight to amazon and have them shipped here. through the course of the year, little piles of new books accumulate in the places i spend my time around this house. then through the summer i try to read them all. the problem (from some people's perspective) is that i continue to order books through the summer and actually read them first before the books that have been sitting around collecting dust, acting as impromptu coffee tables, whatever! i figure there are worse problems i could have!!!! i'm going to go look up the olive kitteridge book as soon as i sign off here. so gotta go. b'bye!! steven

  3. Stphanie, sometimes I do get books that I can't put down. I love it when that happens, although my family may feel differently!

    Steven, I know what you mean about piles of books wherever you go. And yes, too often the recent books get read first thus pushing the other books deeper into the pile. You're right though, there could be worse problems. I hope you enjoy Olive Kitteridge.

  4. I feel so accomplished that I read 3 books last month. Really. Pinch me. It's been so long since I've been able to do that. I took two up north but, duh, I'd already read them. Sheesh.

  5. Oh Rudee, don't you hate it when that happens? Sometimes you don't even realize until your about 50 pages into it.

  6. I just returned from the library with another load. It is so hot and humid I am planning on reading this afternoo. I also do lots of books on cd!
    I love being read to!

  7. I love hearing that others get tons of books also. I have stacks and stacks. I must check out the Olive Kitteridge book also. I just couldn't stay with Time Travelers Wife. It just seemed to jump around too much for me. I lasted about half way and thought I would move on. I wonder if it got clearer. Books make me feel so comfortable. I love them all around me.

  8. Sherry, I think I might try books on CD--that way I can accomplish some dreary task while immersed in a book. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Nana Trish, I know what you mean about feeling comfortable with books. Usually a pile of books is like an unopened present--unless there's a library due date. That's what causes me stress. Although it's not as though I can take them out again.

  9. I loved reading all about your books! I love books too, but have no good English library nearby and now I have no more book shelves left to store new books on... I give away a lot of books and libraries are pleased to get my English ones... I wish they stocked more though! I've seen several that you mention that I would enjoy. I might start with "Why my third husband will be a dog"!!! Even though I've only ever had one husband... (past tense). It sounds fun. I adore books that make me laugh! Yes, do start a book corner on your blog, I shall come in and check it out!


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