Monday, August 10, 2009

Camping with Callie

We spent a few days at the river with our six-year old niece Callie. She loves hanging out in our old motorhome and putting up the tent. We found a great little campground at a slow-flowing river where she could play with Maggie. It also had a kids playground so there was lots to do.

Here's Callie swimming in the river with Maggie.

And hanging out with a new friend slurping on freezies.

These are memories for all of us. But I have to admit we were kind of tired after three days. Even summer camping has to end. It's raining today and I'm back at my computer.


  1. Welcome back - nice the rain held off until you were home.
    Those little girls look like sisters - pink forever!
    I wonder if a camper or motor home is like a playhouse to kids. Our Becky seems fascinated by the idea of a kitchen on wheels.

  2. Yes, I think you're right--it's just exactly like a playhouse, complete with bunk beds. Pink is ubiquitous with girls under 8 I think. Personally I hate the colour for clothing, although it's nice in a flower.

  3. These kind of memories are priceless. Beautiful photos!


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