Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lost pets and other sorrows

Last night while taking our two dogs out for their evening walk we came upon these two posters--both so poignant to me. Both these posters are on telephone poles along the road in front of our house.

Although the road looks quiet in this photo, it can be very busy at some times of the day.

And I fear for the little kitten or pug trying to find their way home. Whenever I see notices about lost animals it twists my heart. I feel so sorry for the poor little creatures wandering around alone, and even sadder about the owners who probably overlooked something like closing a gate or a window and are torn with guilt. The pink poster about the little kitten is clearly written by a young person and that's just so sad.

I think I'm feeling a little vulnerable to loss right now because tonight is the last night that our son Jamie will be living at home. He's heading back to UBC in Vancouver tomorrow and it's quite likely that he won't be back next summer as he'll be involved in a co-op program, which means he'll probably be working somewhere else.

Of course Jamie is a capable young man and not a little lost dog or kitten. He's excited to get back to school but his dad and I are both feeling a little bit at a loss thinking of this chapter in our parental lives coming to an end. We are also excited and looking forward to our next chapter traveling this winter and other new ventures...but there's still a sense of loss.


  1. hi joanna, my kids are 12 and 14 and every opportunity i get i ask people with older children "how do you manage them leaving". i can't stand leaving them when we all head off in our different directions in the morning. how will i ever say "see you in a year or two?" trust the love joanna. you've done all you can, now he's got to try it all out for real. steven

  2. Hi Steven,
    Trust the love--that's just the best advice. And there is lots of love.

    Regarding children leaving, you usually get some practice runs. We had a few with Jamie, starting with a week away with the school band and working up to six weeks with a family in Mexico, then the the last two years at UBC but coming home in the summer. The hardest for me was seeing him off at the airport on his way to Mexico. Parenthood is so full of losts and founds. Thanks for your note.

  3. I know what you mean about those posters. I find myself looking for the lost pet whenever I'm out walking. I've never found one - I think that would be the ultimate reward.
    My kids are all flown from the nest and have their own lives. I have never stopped wondering where they are when I hear sirens, though.

  4. Stephanie, I know what you mean about the sirens.

  5. My son's Panda bear hamster went missing yesterday and we still haven't found him. I'm afraid he's stuck somewhere and can't get out. But, oh, the empty nest thing. My son is almost 18 in his senior year of high school. He's gone all the time now and I really miss him even though he still 'lives' at home. They really have no idea how much we love them. They won't until they have children of their own.

  6. Paula--I do hope you find the little hamster. You're right, they'll never really get it until they're parents themselves. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Hi Joanna,
    Knowing Jamie and your family I don't think you need to worry. You are well bonded and a family full of love. Jamie is a remarkable young man. Of course, if you are feeling sad we do have wine in the cupboard!
    XO Pat

  8. Hey Pat, thanks for your words. I may just take you up on the wine!


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