Wednesday, September 2, 2009

G is for Gleaners and Graffiti

I almost forgot about ABC Wednesday until I was headed off on my afternoon walk with the dogs. Fortunately I had my camera with me so I could record a couple of G items on my way. The first thing I saw was gleaners with their heads in the bushes along the side road. Gleaners is an old fashioned name for people who pick fruit or crops from here and there. In Europe gleaning is a time-honoured tradition. I learned about this from a wonderful film called The Gleaners.

In any case it's a common sight around here this tome of year to see gleaners in the blackberry hedges. Everyone is out picking the sweet ripe blackberries.

People of all ages...

with milk jug buckets...

and some even stopping on their way to work.

If you've never gone blackberrying you might not know that it's hard work dodging those big prickles.

But the results are totally worth it--in a pie or a crumble. My goodness I'd better get out there and do some picking. I need a bunch to make my winter's jam supply as well.

After seeing the gleaners, the dogs and I walked up the hill through the woods and came out at the top where there's an old reservoir.

There's an ever changing art show of graffiti here. I've posted about it before but today there were a couple of new additions for the gallery.

Here's one with a pink background.

And beside it is an empty canvass for ready for a new creation.

This is a great place for graffiti artists to post their work. And the municipality seems to agree. It even has some photos of the artwork in the municipal hall.

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  1. I do like graffiti. It's good that there is a place where it is welcomed. Very forward-thinking of the municipality.

  2. I love this post. The picking of the berries is so sweet. I always think of my mom when I see people picking the berries. Oh to have one of her pies. Your photography is great. Berries are so pretty and can be so delicious in a pie or with some whipping cream.

  3. I'm wary of picking blackberries these days with all the pesticides in use in our fields .. but we used to!

    Graffiti is definitely an art form, isn't it?

  4. Good for gleaners! I've developed quite a fascination for graffiti - some of it so very artistic and most of it quite colorful. Nice post!

  5. Crop sprays and vehicle exhausts have denied us the fruit of many blackberry bushes these days, but I remember gathering when we lived on an unspoilt island. I made pies and so much jam - lovely memories, thank you.

    On behalf of the ABC Team, thanks for posting in spite of the difficulties!

  6. I can't believe you just threwe together that post; looks well planned!


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