Thursday, September 24, 2009

Into Nebraska

Yesterday we crossed over from Wyoming to Nebraska and the change was quite dramatic.  Within a few miles the scenery changed from western (sage and rolling hills and horse corrals) to agricultural (fields, cows, and barns).   We've moved from the empty quarter into the bread basket.  Here we have fields of corn and wheat and sugar beets, little towns with green grass and church spires, and along the highway acres of used farm equipment.

But like Wyoming the skies here are huge--because the land is so level and there are no mountains to impede the view. Shortly after our arrival we drove through some dark clouds and rain storms.  The setting sun created some quite dramatic vistas.

It's cool again.  Feels almost like Victoria.  But it sure doesn't look like Victoria.

We should be in Kearney this afternoon.  We'll be camping at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds.


  1. I love that immense prairie sky. It is so humbling in its vastness. Somehow a stormy sky seems much darker and more dangerous than what I'm used to here by the mountains.

    I always had an image of Nebraska in my mind of wheat fields forever - and it's true. But all that used farm that a sign of the times?

  2. hey joanna - i was in nebraska - well let's see - ummmm thirty years ago plus!!! i landed in lincoln on my way to work on a ranch in kansas. your pictures are really good. really good joanna!!! you're seeing more and more and better and better. it's very cool to follow. have a safe journey tomorrow. steven

  3. Stephanie, I think it's more like used car lots than a reflection of financial stress. We've seen both prosperous and depressed towns along the way.

    Steven, thank you for your compliment on my photos. It means a lot to me coming from you. What was it like working on a ranch in Kansas?

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