Sunday, September 27, 2009

Leaving Buffalo County

We had a great weekend of flyball racing here in Kearney and we're all tired out. This championship event was attended by teams from about 15 different states from Alabama to Minnesota and from Virginia to California...and many in between. We met some wonderful people who share our passion for flyball. The dogs did well and so did the handlers. We won nearly every race we ran and everyone had fun.

Our plan was to head out and get a couple of hours of driving in on the homeward journey, but the weather has foiled us. It's sunny and clear but there are winds gusting to 45 mph and that's just too much for our motorhome. So we'll be staying here tonight and getting an early start tomorrow morning. We'll be taking a slightly different route home, mostly along interstate 80 so it won't be as interesting a trip but hopefully it'll get us home a bit faster. After being away from home for 12 days now we're starting to feel the need to reconnect. But there are still 1700 miles to travel so the adventure isn't over yet.

That's my Maggie and me in the top photo and Laura and her dog Chianna underneath.


  1. joanne did you wave any flags at the flyball event or did you keep that whole piece quiet?!!! safe journey. steven

  2. yes, I was wondering that, too. Were you the only Canadians participating?

  3. Yes, we were the only Canadians. Our license plates raised some comments indeed. Before we left we put a ball with a Canadian flag and our team name and signatures in every other team's ball bucket. So we held up our side somewhat.


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