Thursday, December 31, 2009

An afternoon on Stone Island

Yesterday the sun returned to a blue sky and we decided to go to Stone Island. It's actually not an island but a long peninsula, however since most people take little boats over from the centro area it feels like an island. The main feature is the long, long sandy beach fringed by palm trees. The secondary feature is the row of palapa restaurants serving Mexican food and drink, along with hammocks, tables, umbrellas and everything you need to enjoy the beach.

We drove down to the dock area and joined the crowd waiting for the little pangas. Because it's Christmas week there are a lot of people and a lot of vendors everywhere, but this just adds to the fun.

The ticket to cross the water is 20 pesos per person. That's about $1.80 each for a return fare. We piled into the panga with about a dozen people and headed off across the blue water beneath the bows of three huge cruise ships.

The afternoon included a lovely lunch in a palapa with a view of the beach,

a dip in the waves, some fizzy lemonade, a walk down the shore, a little people watching and a siesta in the sun, before walking back to the boat dock. Here are a few more images from the afternoon.

It was a lovely afternoon followed by a simple dinner at home, a movie and a quiet night.  Tonight is new year's eve and if it's anything like last year we can expect party noise right into the morning, so we're well rested and prepared for it.  Happy new year to all!


  1. hi joanna - such a different kind of day to the one we're enjoying here! it's snowing very gently, there's lots of good food and drink, company is good and there's more coming!!!
    i cannot believe how massive those cruise ships are. i clicked up the picture and kablooey!!!!! there they are!! wow.
    have an awesome new year's eve and a fantastic new year to you and your family and friends joanna!! steven

  2. Steven, thank you for your good wishes. The cruise ships look like 20 storey buildings. They are so incredibly huge it's unbelievable. The very best to you and your family for a happy and peaceful 2010.


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