Friday, December 4, 2009

Connected at last

Whew!  Carlos came by this morning and diagnosed my internet problem as a faulty router.  So now I am connected at last.  What a relief.  Five days without working internet was stressing me out.  I know for sure now that I am a blog, skype and e-mail addict because I was dreaming and scheming about ways to get online.

We've been twice to the big stores, Mega and Soriana, to stock up on staples and now we're really feeling at home.  This morning we took a lovely walk along the beach with the dogs and now we're heading down for a little swim.  The water is pretty warm now but from our experience last year we know that once we're into late December and January and a few low pressure systems blow through the water will cool down.  So the time to swim is now.

Now that I have a connection I can start to create some posts to give you a feeling of what it's like living in Mazatlan.  It's a very Mexican city in spite of all the tourist amenties, so it won't just be about the beach.


  1. Glad to see you're settling in. My folks used to take us surfing in San Blas circa 1965-1968, when we were kids. Mazatlan had the greatest mercado with sterling silver, hand woven fabrics and embroidered shirts and blouses everywhere. It's probably gone - but the beach looks the same!

  2. Hi Golden West, thanks for the tip on the market. I know there's a general market downtown but I haven't seen much in the way of crafts. It may well still be here, I'll check it out. I was through San Blas in the early 70s and remember it as lovely though very buggy.

  3. Glad to see you connected for real. It's true that blogging, etc. becomes a part of your life. I remember the hassles in Ireland that I endured when wireless wasn't readily available. One gets a little cranky. Although, it would be hard to remain out of sorts with that beautiful beach nearby.

  4. there you go joanna! it's good to be connected and to have an outlet for all that burbles and bubbles inside your experience. i am grateful for the picture of the sea and sand and clear blue warm sky!!!! steven


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