Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Christmas flowers

For Ruby Tuesday I'm showing you a couple of seasonal blooms from Mazatlan.  The top one is some kind of palm fruit.  I don't know what but it's really pretty.

And this one of course is a lovely Hibiscus.  It still blows me away to see these houseplants and many others growing in profusion in courtyards and along the sidewalks.  We picked up some huge Pointsettias from a nursery for less than $4 each.  They look pretty in white metal buckets in our front yard.  You can see more Ruby Tuesday photos here.


  1. Beautiful Ruby Tuesday specimens.

  2. joanna it's so great to see bright warm colours in the early part of an eastern woodlands winter. the hibiscus!!!! oh wow!!! thankyou thankyou. steven


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