Sunday, December 27, 2009

Water colour workshop

I brought my 15 year old water colour supplies with me this trip and through the internet I've met a woman from Colorado who is a water colour painter and enjoys company while painting.  She lives just down the end of the block and we've gotten together a couple times in the past week to work on our painting together.

Peggy is quite an accomplished painter and also good company.  I've learned some techniques of water colour painting just from talking to her and observing her work.  I'm really enjoying having some time to play around and discover how I want to paint.  I'm working from some of the photos I've taken over the past two years and there is a lot of material to choose from.

Yesterday Peggy and I went to a water colour workshop given by Jane Saborio, a woman who lives here and has a big art show mounted down in el centro historico.  The workshop was held at the Inn at Mazatlan, which is an all inclusive hotel.

Peggy and I and anther student,  Rodriguez from Mexico City, sat at tables under a shade tent around the swimming pool while Jane demonstrated her techniques.  It turns out that these workshops are more about entertaining guests at the hotel and helping people who don't paint come up with something they like. 

Jane's style is not exactly what I'm working towards but I did learn some techniques that I can use and it was fun to sit around and play with paints and talk, while hotel guests came by and ooohed and aaahed.


  1. That's very cool. Artisans and crafts people are always so generous with their skills. It's probably the best way to learn. Spending time with friends is always fun.

  2. i think that play is a good place to begin when you're establishing or re-establishing a relationship with creative energy! have a great journey. steven

  3. Hi Joanna! Happy to hear you're painting...lots of time and stunning surroundings equal mui inspiracion! I look forward to seeing the products of your creativity soon! Hope you, Harry and the woofies have a wonderul New Year!


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