Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Being recognized in a foreign country

You might think that since we've just arrived in Mazatlan, a city of about 300,000 people, we could walk around without being recognized.  But today proved that to be false.  Three times today I was recognized by three different people. 

The first time was in the Mazatlan English Lending Library, where we'd stopped in to inquire about membership.  The pleasant woman at the table who told us how it worked and took my application, looked at me and said, "I know you.  I'm from Victoria too."  I didn't recognize her but when she told me her name I realized that our sons attended the same school.  Her son Brodie is a few years older than our Jamie but I knew her right away.  She lives here 8 months of the year...and is also attending the Spanish Coversation group that Harry joined last week.

The second time was when we went for lunch at Pizza Moreno, a family run pizza place in El Centro.  The Mexican woman who served us said, "You were here last year.  You came for Christmas dinner with your son."  And she was absolutely correct.  We did go there last Christmas with Jamie and had a most delicious dinner.  I can't think why she would remember us from almost a year ago but she did.

And the third time was when Harry and I went to the Spanish Conversation group at Canucks.  I sat beside a woman from Victoria who, when she heard my name said, Oh I know who you are.  You're involved with the dog owners group, aren't you?  and indeed I am.  She knew my name from Citizen Canine (Victoria) where I've been active for over five years.

That's three--in one day. For a big city in a foreign country that's pretty amazing.  I think I'm finding out that Mazatlan is a very friendly and welcoming place.


  1. And it came in threes. Odd. We aren't as anonymous in this world as we think we are.

  2. Now that makes Mazatlan a real home town. I bet you could walk around Victoria for days and no one would recognize you. I am constantly amazed at how rarely I meet folks I know in our local centers.

  3. joanna i love travelling for the escape and then also for the startling moments of synchronicity like these. some of it has to do with the inclinations of visitors which are quite different from residents. some of it has to do with serendipity!! steven


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