Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rainy morning in old Mazatlan

We haven’t seen rain in Mazatlan until this year.  Apparently it’s quite rare at this time of the year—but we’ve had three or four bouts of rain since Jamie arrived.   Last night it rained for several hours and this morning it was a light drizzle.  We headed down to Old Town to return some books to the lending library.  This is a little hole in the wall operated by volunteers that provides a pretty good selection of books.  We joined as soon as we discovered it, for $28 a year we can take out up to five books at a time. 

The beautiful buildings in this area looked quite different with water on the streets.  I think it adds another lovely dimension.  This is absolutely our favourite part of town and we keep trying to find a way to get a place down there the next time we visit.   To me it has the feeling of a European city and it's close to the art gallery, the plaza, the theatre and some lovely shops and restaurants. 

I’ll show you some more photos of this special place soon. 


  1. joanna the reflections in the puddles are amazing!! so clear!!! i'd love for it to rain here sometime soon. it's strange but it's one of the features of spring and summer that i miss the most in the winter months. steven

  2. Hi Steven, I'd never thought about missing rain in the winter in Canada, but of course you get snow where you are. Today the reflections were pretty special.

  3. Hi Joanna,

    Glad you're enjoying Mazatlan! That rain was a real treat, I always like getting all the plants washed off and the sidewalks clean. And then the sun can come back.

    I love your pictures of Centro with the rain.


  4. Hi, Sis
    Please ensure that all the rain is out of the skies before January 6th. Remember, even when it's rainy there, you don't need a down-filled Gore-tex jacket. Cold and sunny over the hols, but Bismark-grey skies have returned today. Happy New Year. Jan


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