Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shrimp, pinata, and shortbread

Today is Jamie's first day with us in Mazatlan and we decided to go down to the shrimp market on Aquilles Serdan in el centro to buy some shrimp to celebrate Christmas eve. Things were hopping down there this morning. We walked by the central market for a few blocks and I think that every Mazatecan was there doing some last minute shopping. I wish I could show you some photos of our trip but I forgot to change the battery in my camera. The streets were filled with buses and taxis and pulmonias (the Mazatlan open air taxis) and the sidewalks were a crush of people of all ages with packages. There were huge crowds around the toy and candy stalls.

The shrimp ladies are down there every morning under their blue umbrellas selling great tubs of shrimp caught earlier on. The photo above is borrowed from another blog by a woman who lives here in Maz. Their prices are very reasonable and if you're good at bargaining (which we're not) you can get really, really good deals.  We got a kilogram of large camarones (cleaned) for about $7.50, which isn't bad compared to prices in Canada.  I'm marinating them so we can do them on the grill tonight.

Walking back we found a little hole-in-the wall places that sells pinatas--large and small, shaped like santas, bells, boots, animals, as well as the traditional star.

It was doing a brisk business today.  I popped in and picked out a small one for our patio.  We won't bother putting candy in it (because none of us need the calories!) but it does look nice. 

After a little lunch on the patio (with Geordie hovering in the background), Jamie has headed to the beach and I'm going to make shortbread with the butter that he smuggled down for me in his suitcase.  The butter here in Mexico tastes different from what we're used to in Canada so I asked him to bring me a pound as well as some curry paste.  I didn't think that he might have to declare foods he was bringing in though.  Smart (and lucky!) boy that he was though, he chose not to and didn't get get the red light and have to open his suitcase.  The shortbread will make it feel more Christmas-like tomorrow.

All best wishes to you and yours for a lovely peaceful Christmas day.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. joanna - it's funny that. i'd be looking for butter and curry paste and basmati rice! happy christmas to you and all your family friends having the time of your life down in mexico!!! steven

  3. Amazing pinata! So bright and colorful. Enjoy the shortbread and a very Merry Christmas to you all!


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