Tuesday, March 23, 2010

End of the season

People are clearing out of Mazatlan in droves.  The trailer park a couple of blocks from us is about half full now and people are pulling out daily.  It's the end of the season.  Although some are staying until the end of April, a lot of North Americans are leaving now.  Some of them are  are leaving early because of the violence here.  Others are cool with it, saying that these things happen anywhere and it's just bad luck if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We're beginning to pack up and get ready to leave ourselves.  Tomorrow I'll see my friend Peggy again to have a last painting session, on Thursday we go to our last Spanish class, and then early Friday morning we'll hit the road.  We've heard rumors that the border is a nightmare.  Apparently the Americans are stopping and searching every vehicle within an inch of its life.  So it will be an experience crossing.  I must say I'll be glad to get off the Mexican highways where there are possible carjackings, usually of high end trucks or SUVs..  We'll likely be flying under the radar in our 16 year old beige minivan with dents.

As the North Americans leave, we're seeing the Mexicans start to come to the beach.  I think that Semana Santa (Holy week, just before Easter) marks the time that they being to think about beach activities.  On Sunday there people were out in droves enjoying the warm weather.

We're experiencing anticipatory grief these last few days and are making sure to spend lots of time at the beach ourselves.  Yesterday we caught a few cool waves with the boogie board and every night there's another beautiful sunset. Mazatlan is a very gorgeous place and we will surely miss it.


  1. Have a safe journey home.

    As I recall, you have a pretty beautiful place to go home to ;>)

  2. Always sad to leave a place you love!
    Hope you get settled in soon at home:)

  3. hi joanna - it's the strangest feeling that leaving of a place that is so dreamy and good. i don't like it at all. but then the arriving home with its sudden strangeness and then re-emerging familiarity is a good feeling and so there's a sort of balance. enjoy your time. steven

  4. That's interesting that there is a season. It must seem very empty for the locals when all the visitors have gone. Or do they breathe a sigh of relief as we would when the house guests have gone - no matter how much we love them?

  5. Hi Steven, yes we're looking forward to getting back home. It's time.

    Stephanie, the end of the season for the English speaking visitors signals the beginning of the season for Mexicans (who come to the beach for Easter and again in the summer).


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