Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tropical flower paintings

To lighten things up after my last post I thought I'd share a couple of my Mazatlan water colour paintings.  I've been having tons of fun exploring this medium this winter and I've finally overcome my painters block.  For years I was frozen trying to figure out what was a worthwhile subject for a painting. I kept thinking I had to do something that nobody had ever painted before. Now I see that any photograph I've taken can be a painting subject.  And I've taken hundreds!

The top photo is was finished just last week; the bottom one was done in December.  I'm not sure but I think I'm developing my skills.  And the cool thing about this medium is that it's simple to go back and tweak a section if I see a way to improve it.  Of course, it means that these paintings are never really finished.


  1. These flower paintings have a kind of laid-back warmth, a casualness that is inviting. I like these - hope you have more to share.

  2. joanna - the paintings are so soft and i love that the colour is coming out more as your confidence returns!!! more more! steven

  3. These images are beautiful. Like Steven, I love the increasing intensity and depth of colour. They feel strong and empowered. J

  4. Had no idea you painted! How big or small are these paintings (BTW -wonderful rendition!) ?

    A few years ago I did 15 in a row in oil (each on 24 x 24 canvas)

  5. Hi Jeannette, these are quite small, abouts 12"x16" (1/4 sheet of arches water colour paper). Funny how you can't tell the size from a posted photograph.


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