Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stone Island iguanas

We took our visitors, Paul and Wendy, to Stone Island today.  They enjoyed the panga ride across the harbour and kayaking and snorkeling, but the photographic highlight was our visit with the iguanas.  This is a tourist spot and all the hawkers were out in droves today because it's Wednesday and that's the day the cruise ships stop in Mazatlan.  One inventive way young men earn some pesos is by bringing tame iguanas to the beach so tourists can have their photos taken.  So Wendy and I gave it a try.

I've never had an iguana sit on my head before.  It felt a little strange but it wasn't too bad until one of the beach dogs came around  to see what was going on.  The iguana got a little twitchy and the handler took him off.  You can see it was all in fun. Of course once the hawkers saw that we were spending money they were all there in a flash.

Wendy did end up buying a ceramic bowl from one of them but the rest of the salespeople went away disappointed.

We rounded out our day with a lunch of fresh caught grilled fish eaten at a table with bright table cloth and our bare feet in the sand, joined by this sweet little dog.  Even with some winds and cloud it was a super day.


  1. What a lovely face that dog has!
    I'm not sure about those iguanas, though. I remember seeing them everywhere on Stone island but never saw anyone offering photo ops. You're very brave I think.

  2. Hi Steph, yes, I'd like to bring that dog home. Regarding the iguana, I actually declined but when I was standing there the guy snuck up behind me and put the little one on my head. They're very docile though so it was OK.


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