Friday, March 12, 2010

Farewell to Hacienda las Moras

Just a few final images of Las Moras.  We were there on Monday, probably for the last time.  I have a folder full of photos to choose from for water colour painting.  This may be one of the most lovely spots I've ever been to.

Every time you turn around a corner some other gorgeous scene appears. Someone with attention to detail has designed each space to be a delight.  The walls are painted with intense orange, deep pink, sunny yellow and sky blue—colours that can only work in the strong Mexican sunlight. 

Peacocks and geese and baby goats and roosters wander around underfoot.  It’ s very magical place.
But mysterious too since there are so few people there.  The same few people working in the restaurant and an occasional carload of visitors.   
We don’t really have any idea how it can survive financially.  And we’re seeing signs that things are falling into disrepair-- broken cement, rotting gates, rusting metal, weeds.  The animals seem to be taken care of, fortunately.  But who knows how long things can go on like this.


  1. So colorful and fairy tale like! Why do you say that it would probably the last time to visit there?

  2. There is something sad and kind of autumnal in this post. Even the photos are full of a kind of saturated color that makes me think of sleepy, end-of-summer days.

  3. Hi Jeanette, we'll be leaving Mazatlan in a couple of weeks and are not sure when or if we'll be back.

    Steph, we're kind of beginning to be in winding down mode and maybe this is reflected in the text, and perhaps even the colours I selected(!)

  4. The photos are so beautiful. I wish I were there.

  5. Thank you for showing wonderful scenery.

    From the Far East.
    Best regards.


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