Friday, March 5, 2010

Mexican craft fair

There's a big Mexican craft fair just down the block from us with artisans from all corners of Mexico as well as Ecuador,  Peru and even Egypt.  What an incredible variety of merchandise.  I loved these embroidered bags and dresses (although I haven't made any purchases of these....yet).



Look at the beautiful embroidered skirt this vendor is wearing.  I think she must be from maybe Chaipas or Quintana Roo, or some other Mayan state.

 I'm thinking of buying one of these lovely hand loomed cotton bedspreads.

And maybe some of these sweet handmade casseroles.  They are so reasonable!  Some of the smaller ones are less than a dollar.

Then there's this beautiful jewelery made of semi precious stones...

So many decisions.  Good thing it's here for another week. While I'm deciding we're eating chicken mole made with special manzana (apple) mole that I bought from this stall.  Delicious!


  1. Lucky you! Mexico is known for their great artistic activity. Love all the pics -wish I could hop over and shop with you:) Have a great shopping week!

  2. Oh, what a feast for the eyes! All that color. No matter how hot and sunny it gets here, we don't see, or wear, this bright shock of color.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. I have plates and a server purchased from last trip to Mexico in the same set as the casserole dishes. Still loving your blog, Joanna!

  4. Those embroideries are fantastic!


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