Sunday, March 11, 2012

Globe Arizona and onward

Our first (and last) stop as we crossed Arizona was in Globe, another copper mining town with an interesting downtown area.  What is it about these copper towns that make them so appealing?  I guess it's that they were a going concern in the early 1900s and had the money to create fancy buildings. We've been through here before so this time we stayed to explore a bit more.

The main street has some restored buildings like this one which has been a pharmacy since it was built (with a stint as a saloon in between).

On a side street we found the best coffee shop with good espresso, lots of magazines, local art and nice ambience.  You can see that Harry's enjoying his time there.

It's spring in Globe and the trees in front of the Cultural Centre are in bloom.

This is the town's pride and joy, the restored court house and copper mining headquarters, now home to a vital arts community.  There's a theatre on the third floor,  art rooms, and a big beautiful display space, plus there are stores for craftspeople and artists to sell their wares.  When we went through there was an impressive quilt show.

Here are a couple of interior shots, looking across to the theatre entrance, and one of the five safes in the building.

Since Globe, we've been on the road with a stop in Palm Desert to try to find out why Mohita's been overheating and making noise.  We endured a terrible night in a Motel 6 there as we couldn't find an RV park.  The only room available was designated for smokers.  It was GROSS!

We haven't been able to find anyone to look at it right away as it's the weekend, so we're heading onward at a lower speed.  Yesterday we left there early and drove for nine hours bypassing LA and heading up the Interstate 5 through the San Joaquin valley, mecca of agribusiness.  We're sitting in a Starbucks this morning deciding whether to head over the Siskiyou  pass into Oregon.  Apparently there are three storms coming through bringing loads of snow.  So we may head over to the coast and travel up 101 for a while. 


  1. Goodness, so sorry to hear that the RV is acting up but glad to know Globe was nice. I have never been there.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. The saloon-pharmacy connection sounds almost logical.
    That architecture is so interesting and different. Hope all is well on your trip to the coast. At least Mohita won't feel so hot.


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