Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It doesn't look like spring

Since we arrived back from our trip south we've had nothing but snarly weather.  Think freezing rain, wind, sleet and hail, interspersed with clouds and an occasional tantalizing view of sunshine.  It's spring in Victoria--but unusually cold.  This morning after a hard frost last night all my sweet spring flowers have succumbed.  I think the crocus is a gonner, but maybe the daffodils will recoup.

        And probably the tulip leaves will be fine.

This is a harsh blow for Victorians.  Usually we're blabbing on about flowers while the rest of the country is in the deep freeze.  This year it's reversed.  We're having freezing temperatures while Winnipeg has a heat wave.


  1. It is pretty hard to be on the wrong end of spring, isn't it? It's pretty nice here today.

  2. How sad about all your flowers succumbing to a heavy frost, though as you say, some of them may revive.
    Our spring is happening extremely slowly and cautiously but I lost a couple of plants on my balcony this year due to extreme low temperatures in February. One was a sweet olive tree that was given to me for a special anniversary. That's life... and then we start again.
    I wish you warmer days again soon!

  3. Oh, those poor chilly flowers. I hope the tulip recovers.


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