Monday, March 5, 2012

Wandering around Albuquerque

Some highlights of our past two days.  We began by walking the dogs in the Rio Grand Park among the ghostly cottonwood trees along the river. 

We didn't see any rabbits on our walk, which is probably a good thing as Geordie would have pulled me off my feet.

Next stop was the Botanical Gardens, a beautiful spot with climate controlled areas for plants of all kinds...

and an amazing children's fantasy garden complete with dragon.

This morning Allison took us on a bicycle ride around the University of New Mexico and shopping in some of the nearby stores.  The weather was perfect for biking--warm sun and cool air. 

Then this afternoon we visited the old plaza area with its three hundred year old buildings and its craft shops.  Don't you love the turquoise paint that trims the adobe exteriors?

The final stop was the old church there.  When we peeked int the choir was practicing a beautiful song. 

And the last image is fittingly another cottonwood tree in the churchyard, with the moon rising behind it.  These trees have crept up on me and captured my heart.  


  1. I wish that we had seen more of this city while we were in the the time the cottonwoods all had leaves. It looks so different now.

    1. Yes, what a difference when the leaves are on. The last time we were there was the late fall and the cottonwoods were the colour of old gold. Beautiful.


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