Thursday, March 1, 2012

Truth or Consequences

Believe it or not, the name of the town we're in is Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.  Originally it was known as Hot Springs because of the mineral springs bubbling up in the river.  The entire downtown area is located over a table of odorless hot mineral water and and there have been therapeutic bath houses here since the turn of the (last) century.  Many that are still operating here were built in the 1930s and it doesn't look like much has changed since then. 

But back to the name, the town agreed to change its name on a challenge from the 1950s era radio show, Truth or Consequences.  The reward was the publicity and a big 10th anniversary party.  The show's been off the air for decades but the name has remained.

We are staying at the Artesian Bath House and Trailer Court right in the historic district.  It's old and funky but very friendly and clean.  Trust our friends Ches and Allison to give us good steer to this place.  We've hooked up and have wi-fi and half price on the baths, and the nightly price is $10.  What a deal!  Today we took our first bath in a big tiled tub about 10 by 10 feet square.  You open the firehose sized tap and the water gushes in at around  the temperature of a beautiful hot bath.  What a great way to relax after a drive through the desert.

The town has a kind of vacant feel to it.  There are lots of empty store fronts and buildings for sale and with the wind blowing it's a bit forlorn, but of course I found some pretty things to take pictures of.  And the people are incredibly friendly.  We'll be here for a day or two until the wind dies down and then we'll head north to Albuquerque.


  1. Greta story on the name change.

    I always feel sad in those half-empty towns. But you're right about the photo ops. Good stuff.

  2. Glad you found a nice place to stay and regroup for a day or so...
    The photos you posted are really interesting. Great colors.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Hi Joanna, Sounds like you're still having fun! You've captured the ambiance of the town well. Love those NM colors!

  4. That photograph with the blue pillars is exquisite. Would you consider doing a water colour for your sister? J

    1. Hey, why not? That would be fun.

  5. Nice prices and a great bath there. Enjoyed reading this post, Thanks.


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