Thursday, March 8, 2012

Route 66 motel signs

The old Route 66 highway across America (from Chicago to Los Angeles) goes right through the center of Albuquerque.  This highway was first developed some time in the late 1920s, but its fame came in the 1950s with  song and a TV show.  It was the iconic route for travelers until the interstate highway system superseded it in the  mid-eighties.

Here's what's left in the Duke city -- a lot of colorful motel signs from another era.  In some cases the motels are still operating (at a very reasonable rate if you dare to enter).  In other cases all that's left are the signs, the motels having been demolished.   Parts of Route 66 are now tourist attractions but I don't think this stretch of Central Avenue has got there yet.

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  1. I love all those signs! What an awesome road trip.


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