Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's a coffee without foam?

I have to admit that I really love lattes.  Whenever I'm in a coffee shop that's what I order.  And at home I've been creating them using my 15 year old hand-me-down Starbucks esspresso machine.  But last week the machine gave out so I'd been heating milk on the stove and whisking to create a little foam for my home made version.

It's been a problem though, because I get bored waiting for the milk to warm on the stove and head upstairs to my computer.  Do I need to tell you what happens?  Right.  Boiled over milk.  And the other day when I got immersed in something a house full of smoke.  The milk pot was black, nearly molten.

So yesterday we tracked down the ultimate milk frother.  It's very high tech but so easy to use.  Now I use my old plastic Melita filter and make strong coffee, then I put the milk in the frother and press the button.   The frother sits on a little stand that warms it up and sets the gizmo inside to whirring around. minute or two later the red light goes off and the milk is hot and foamed.  How cool is that?  YUM!


  1. I have a Brun coffee/espresso maker but never use the steam milk part.... now this looks really great, something even I could use ... maybe ?

    cheers, parsnip

  2. So you like frothy milk on your coffee! That new frother sounds very quick and practical and no more burnt pans!!
    I make Melitta type coffee too, but have an electric machine which keeps it warm on an incorporated hotplate which is useful. I'm off coffee at the moment and have replaced it with green tea perfumed with jasmine flowers!
    Thanks for your comment on Reflections and Nature. It's amazing how names can become part of one's identity and how we are perceived!
    I shall soon go out for my early morning walk, the birds are already singing!
    Have a lovely Thursday.

  3. I agree! Foam is fun and addictive! whisking works, but this makes me want a latte! -Allison


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