Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birds in the snow

This morning we woke up to a few inches of snow on the ground.  It's most unusual to have snow here in November with many of the leaves still on the trees.  I think the birds were as surprised as we were. Especially the humming birds, used to sipping nectar from their feeder outside the kitchen window.  We had to bring it in and melt the snow that had frozen into the little metal flowers that they sip from.

This little Anna's Hummingbird seemed mighty pleased to be able to have a good breakfast once we melted the ice for him.

When he was finished he flew over to the plum tree to take a look around.  These shots are kind of fuzzy because they're taken from a distance through the kitchen window but I want to show you his iridescent red head and the way he fluffs his feathers up to keep warm. 

Fortunately we had a bag of bird seed for the other birds in our yard, as there are lots of them.   We scattered the seed just outside the back door and were treated to a fast-paced show.  Here are some of our visitors. 

When we opened the door they'd fly back up into the arbour or into the plum tree until things looked safe.  Can you spot the three juncos in the tree?

All through the day the little humming birds kept refueling at the feeder.  We are so enjoying the bird life in our back yard. Only thing is, they're making me want to get a camera with a good telephoto lens.  My little point-and-shoot is limited here.


  1. Your Little point and shoot works just fine. I love your photos !

    I only use a point and shoot now. In Japan, sleepytako picked out a Casio Exilm for me and I love it ! small light and easy for me to hold.

    Do all the birds stay in the Winter ? I would think a Hummingbird would get too cold ? Do they have nests to cuddle up in ?
    I just found out on my last trip, Japan has no Hummingbirds, my DIL love seeing them in Tucson.

    Keep taking the wonderful photos of your yard and woods so I can be a blog tourist !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Wow, you were able to capture so many! I love the birds perched among the snowy leaves. Beautiful.

  3. joanna those photos are fine! i am amazed that you got that much snow also but then i see the west is in a deep freeze while the eastern woodlands are still rolling along in relatively mild fashion. no worry, it'll warm up again for you i'm sure. thanks for taking care of the our little fine feathered friends!! steven

  4. It all appears so pristine.


  5. Hello Parsnip, thanks for the vote of confidence for my little camera. The Anna's Hummingbirds have been spending the winter in Victoria in recent years. It's sad when we get a cold snap though as they're really not able survive one without help. Once we start to feed them we have to make sure to continue through the winter.

    Hello Kat, yes we have quite a variety and now I'm going to get my bird identification book out.

    Hi Steven, the weather seems all backwards these days. Enjoy your golden fall days and I'll keep taking care of the birds. ;-)

    Hi Rudee, it looked pristine in the morning but today it has the look of old snow. We're supposed to get three days of freezing weather. Got the snow boots out yesterday while remembering longingly the flip flops I wore all last winter.

  6. Just lovely. Thanks for the story, too. I liked how you melted the snow from the 'flowers'.


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