Sunday, November 7, 2010

The longest day

This is the one day of the year that has 25 hours.  It feels so very very long.  This morning I loved it that there was an extra hour and I thought it would be nice if every day could feel so expanded.  But then it seemed that afternoon stretched on forever.  And it was pitch dark by 5:00 and it wasn't even dinner time.  Now it's 7:30 and there are still hours before bedtime.  What a strange feeling!

While I enjoy the long evenings in the summer I find the change of hours in the spring and fall gets more difficult every year.  Now we're heading down the dark tunnel to the winter solstice and the long dark nights.  I marvel at how dependent we are on weather and light.  I've been dreading the cold and the dark but I have to remember that even in the dead of winter we can get a sunny day. 

We had one today.  We drove out past the abandoned pumpkins in the wet field. It was beautiful to take the dogs out to the park and walk in the woods with the sun low in the sky and the bare branches silhouetted against the sky.


  1. It did seem like a long day, but it was beautiful even if it was cold. November has been freezing cold here in Detroit, but they say we should have warm temperatures this week with sunshine every single day. A blessing to be sure.

  2. Everytime I looked at my watch I expected it to be later than it was. The fortunate thing was I got a lot more done than expected too! Lovely and warm, the sun was a joy to see!


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