Sunday, November 21, 2010

Creative Mexico

For Mexico Monday I've trolled through some photos from previous travels south.  The theme here is three dimensional creative work, both decorative and functional.  And Mexico excels at this.  These images come from our trip to Patzcuaro, a treasure trove of crafts made in surrounding villages.  Some specialize in clay, some in basketry, some in hammered copper, and some in wood carving and painting.  Well you can see for yourself the incredible creativity.

It's fun going back over some of the photos from our trips, especially since we'll be staying in Canada this winter.
Check out Deb's Mexico Monday for more images from Mexico.


  1. Oh the craftsmanship, color and historical arts in Mexico make me so happy...I always bring so much home to enjoy all over my home here in the States! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

  2. wonderful!!! I adore the huge devil's with little devils on their knees!!

    thank you for sharing this!

  3. Who will buy my pots?
    Memories of past sales won’t
    feed my chiquitas.

    Mexico Mondays: Garden Wall

  4. Fantastic, fascinating creativity in these pieces! And adore the pose of the figurine in the 5th photo!

  5. every thing in these pics are just wonderful. and the pics them selves are fantastic.
    Thanx for sharing this

  6. Beautiful art work. The sculptures are amazing. Happy Ruby.

    Maria @ LSS

  7. great craftmanship! loved those potteries and baskets:)))

  8. We used to go to Old Mexico at least once a month [we lived just an hour from the border]...but I don't think I'd want to go there any more because of the drug wars.

    Love your photo share, it brought back some good memories of bargaining with the proprietors and street vendors.

    Come visit me today...I have special Ruby Red Earrings to show off for Tuesday.

    Here's the direct link:
    My Ruby Tuesday

  9. This series of “craft” shots is amazing. I love the first 2....but all of them are superb. The sculptures are especially impressive. A great post and great shots.

  10. So much beauty in the art work that is found in Mexico. A photographers heaven.

  11. I know this wasn't your joy post, but just reading it and seeing the pictures made me happy.

  12. Vibrant beautiful colors and art work from Azatlan. Lovely post. Thank you.


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