Monday, November 15, 2010

Colors of Mexico

It's really grey here this week and the forecast is for more of the same.  I'm missing the hot colors of Mexico so for this week's Mexico Monday post I'm giving you some of the colors I captured with my camera last winter in Alamos and Mazatlan.  Something about these deeply saturated colors actually physically warms my heart.

You can see more posts on Deb's Mexico Monday blog.  It's a wonderful thing to visit this vibrant country on a November day.


  1. Flowers, architecture, and even fabric are in vivid color. Since it's snowing at my house, I can use a bit of this warmth! (Love the orange wall and the yellow door!)

  2. wow! food for the eyes! are you starting to think about returning? steven

  3. I know that feeling of becoming physically warm when we surround ourselves with these vibrant colors of Mexico! Your photos are such a feast and they make me feel warm and fuzzy all under!!

  4. It's cold, damp and dreary here in Detroit, so I have to thank you for this beautiful feast of colors!


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