Friday, November 26, 2010

Ever so happy about slush

Today our temperatures are back to normal.  The snow is gone from the roads and all that's left is some slushy stuff here and there.  After four days of snow and freezing temperatures we're now hovering around 38 degrees F.  Two weeks ago we would have been complaining about the cold and the damp in weather like this; today we're thrilled that it's so mild.  Funny how relative temperatures can be!

The hummingbirds made it through the first winter storm, but I have a feeling it won't be the last.  We're told this year will be colder and wetter than normal--and that translates to more snow.  In any case, I was ever so happy to see slush this morning and by tomorrow there'll be nothing left but a few fading snowmen.


  1. So Happy to hear the Hummingbirds made it through the first storm.
    I knew you and the pups would be fine, I saw that cozy sofa !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Thanks for the hummer report. I was wondering how they had fared. Amen to the slush joy!

  3. joanna - i know what you mean about temperature being relative. i rode on roads of ice this morning. on my way home it was minus six with windgusts to thirty five km. i don't know the math on the windchill on that but it was hard cycling nevertheless. but it didn't feel that cold actually. now i remember a few weeks back a day of plus eight and it was balmy. kids out in t-shirts!!! oh yeah! steven


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