Monday, November 8, 2010

Pumpkin graveyard

I don't know if this is a tradition in other cities, but in Victoria people take their carved pumpkins and place them along the side of the road through Mount Doug Park.  It's a gloomy stretch of road through tall cedar trees and it's a perfect place for the pumpkin graveyard. You can drive along and see hundreds of carved pumpkins softening and decomposing.  They line the roadway for at least a mile. It's quite a sight.

The best thing about it is the incredible variety of carvings all together in one place.  I think it's like an art gallery or an installation. 

From the ornate carved teeth to the cartoon smiles, there are jack-o-lanterns of all types...

 Many of them sinking quickly into the soil.  Some are placed on stumps or in the cedar trees.  Others are set on the ground.  

It's great fun for families and kids to come and see the pumpkin graveyard with its incredible variety of creativity.

 But soon enough, all the pumpkins soften and change state... returning to the earth as compost. 

 I think it's a cool tradition.



    I was going to ask if any animals came to eat them before they turned to mush...
    the local Newspaper had a photo of a Javelina rolling a pumpkin down the street to eat later. It wasn't carved.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Very cool! We were driving near Deming, N.M. last week and went by a small farm with goats. Inside their pen they were chowing down on about 20 or so pumpkins and they looked very content.

  3. Lots of carving talent is an art installation, you're right. I love the cheeky fellow in the tree.

  4. What a great tradition! And - good composting!

  5. now that's extremely cool! i have one great pumpkin sitting out in the part of the garden only i dare to go. it is staring at me with saggy eyes and rotten stump teeth as it slowly returns to the earth. i like this much better. steven

  6. What a great idea! Thanks for the pictures.

  7. A cool tradition indeed! I just love this and I love the look of the pumpkins in various states of decomposition...


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