Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A joint canine birthday dinner

Some people might say we're crazy but we don't care.  My dog buddy Linette and I put on a doggie birthday party tonight.  She has the littermates to both my dogs:  Maddie who is Maggie's sister and Sophie who is Geordie's sister.  All four dogs were born in November so from time to time (not every year but often enough to make it a habit) we put on a birthday party for the four dogs.  Tonight was the night and it included a special dinner for the dog moms and dads with leftover roast chicken for the dogs, a birthday cake for the humans and chewy treats and dog biscuits for the pups.  Maggie and Maddie turned twelve today (and are showing their age), while Geordie and Sophie are nine and in our minds still the puppies.

Here's a series of photos showing how we finally managed to get a group birthday photo.  It's not easy to get four dogs to sit still and look at the camera at the same time.

That's and me on the left with Geordie in front of me, then Linette with Sophie and Maddie on the right.  The dogs and the people had a lovely celebration.  Do you celebrate your dog's birthday?


  1. A happy and complete family with cute little Pets.

  2. I love this story !

    When I got married (we were married at home) My dogs were in the Wedding party, as the Best man and Maid of Honor.
    Turns out besides my Children they were the best part of my Marriage !

    Our Dogs Celebrate every Holiday with gifts and treats galore. They are very adored by my children and of course me!

    cheers, parsnip
    Happy American Thanksgiving !

  3. popped by from Stephanie's and had to say that is just so cute...

    Gill in Southern Ontario


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