Friday, November 19, 2010

Painting options

I've been spending a lot of time painting lately.  Painting walls and ceilings at Yukon Street, actually; not the other kind of painting (even though yesterday's post showed the squash flower).  I'm trying to find the motivation to make the time to move ahead on the other, more artistic kind of painting.  And last night I got it, thanks to Sheila Norgate.  She's a local artist who gave a talk and slide show called "I Never Met a Blank Canvas I didn't Like" and it's inspired me to find the time.

Sheila's paintings are focused on three things these days: birds, dogs and Sigmund Freud.  Her work is gorgeous and colorful--and funny!  She uses text to great advantage.   Here are a couple of the the paintings from last night's group show, Rare Birds.

And here's a link to her card series "Freudian Slips."  Take a look at her website to learn more.

I just love her colors and her sense of style and her humour.  I'm really beginning to think about going back to working with acrylics, which I gave away five years ago when we moved because I hadn't used them for a couple of years.   Maybe in the spring I'll explore that direction.  They're very different to work with than water colors, easier actually.  Over the winter I'll work on my vegetable garden water color project and then...who knows what direction I'll take.

Meanwhile, I'm off to paint another ceiling.


  1. She sounds like a very interesting person. I love the idea of Freudian Slips - the cards are definitely witty.

    Good luck with your painting - I'm glad you're doing it again. It's a shame to waste a talent - but hard to focus when they're other work to be done.

  2. Love the pigeon painting and seem like she is exploring....

    but like you, I always seem to be putting art off to do more pressing but not fun work !

    cheers, parsnip


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